• Adult Martial Arts

  • Learn to end any street altercation in seconds with the Street Lethal art of Ameri-Do-Te. Our adult classes teach anyone 18 and over how to defend themselves quickly, brutally and completely. Whether it's one attacker or many...whether they are armed or unarmed...whether they are dead or undead...whether they have been sent from the future to assassinate you before you can create a weapon that will destroy their evil robot leader in the not-so-distant future...whether it's a life or death scenario or just a big misunderstanding...YOU will be victorious. That I can guarantee (MK)**.

    **Legally I cannot guarantee that you will use Ameri-Do-Te the proper way during any violent altercation. But seriously. You're going to win (MK)***.

    ***Master Ken really cannot guarantee that you will win a street fight. There's simply no way of knowing that. Still...your chances are pretty good (MK) ****.

    ****These disclaimers continue to be written by Master Ken's lawyer and somehow we can't keep him from editing them. So, for that last time...learning Ameri-Do-Te DOES NOT guarantee that you will be able to successfully defend yourself.

    Don't listen to Jim. You're going to be so dangerous. (MK) *****

    ***** Okay. We give up.

    So will your opponent. In the street. (MK)


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