• Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Ameri-Do-Te?

      It is an American martial art that takes the best parts of every other style in world with none of the weaknesses. That’s why we like to say it is the “Best of All. The Worst of None.”

    • Do I need previous combat training?

      No. In fact it’s better if you don’t have any background in other fighting styles as it will take much longer to make you forget all the incorrect bullshit you learned at another school.

    • What happens if I kill someone in the street using Ameri-Do-Te?

      I recommend that all students familiarize themselves with New Mexico laws regarding deadly force. But we generally follow two rules: 1) Never attack unless you feel like you will be attacked in which case you should attack as long as you attacking does not involve attacking someone who was not going to attack you. 2) Dead men don’t sue.

    • How long will it take to get a black belt?

      How long did it take for the tectonic plates to shape the faces of Mount Rushmore? (It will take less time than that depending on class attendance, ability to memorize material and ability to take orders without question or concern for the well being of yourself or others.)

    • What is that smell?

      That smell is determination. Blood, sweat and tears soaking into the training mats after years of dedication and sacrifice. Also the sewer line backs up occasionally.    

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