• Instructors

  • Master Ken

    11th Degree Black Belt

    After studying at three dozen different martial arts facilities around the world Master Ken combined all of his knowledge into the unbeatable style known as Ameri-Do-Te. He considers his Dojo a laboratory of violence…which makes him a Professor of Pain…with a Master’s Degree in Mutilation and a Doctorate in Destruction. He also has an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy.

  • William W. Williams

    1st Degree Brown Belt

    Billy has been studying Ameri-Do-Te ever since he was given a court order to take an anger management class. He is an inspiration to all of the students in class as he has achieved the rank of 1st Kyu despite multiple disabilities including Anger Blindness, Sleep Apnea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

  • Todd Woodland

    Blue Belt

    A former resident of Silver City, New Mexico and member of the militia group known as Concerned Citizens of Catron County (a.k.a. C4) Mr. Woodland has become one of Master Ken’s most dedicated and loyal students. He holds multiple certifications    in skills such as juggling, CPR and fire watching. He is dyslexic and says his favorite book is “Par and Weace”.

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