• Ball Buster Stress Ball

    Ameri-Do-Te "Ball Buster" Stress Ball. Increases hand strength for groin grabbing.


    Pink Belt and  Certificate

    If you need to be able to tell the difference between which students have been Naughty or Nice then you need to issue this Pink Belt and Certificate to those students who have committed one or more of the following offenses: Talked back to an instructor, clogged the Dojo toilet, studied Bullshit...[...]


    The Kill Face T-Shirt

    Are you forgetful? Then you need this Ameri-Do-Te Cheat Sheet for the Street to help you remember which body parts go with your street lethal moves!


    Always ReStomp the Groin - T-Shirt

    Remind people of the most important step in ANY self defense scenario with this "Always Re-Stomp the Groin" t-shirt!


    Just the tip

    Do you like our training videos? Want to see more? Then put a couple bucks in our tip jar (or in Todd's G-string) to help support our dojo!


    Master Ken Autographed Photo

    Place Master Ken on the wall of your office, inside a cabinet in your kitchen, on the front door of your home. Keep him close by as a constant reminder of the power and force of Ameri-Do-Te with an 8" x 10" Glossy Photo.


    Restomp the Groin Bumper Sticker

    "Always Restomp the Groin!" bumper sticker Declare your Ameri-Do-Te training and ward off tailgaters with this Street Lethal bumper sticker!


    AMERI-DO-TE Patch

    Let the world know you are a student of Master Ken's Ameri-Do-Te by putting this embroidered iron-on patch on your uniform!


    White Belt Certificate

    Begin your journey to becoming "Street Lethal" by getting demoted to White Belt level in Ameri-Do-Te!


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