• Learn our proven “Street Lethal” formula for deadly self defense: Ameri-Do-Te. Perfect techniques such as eye gouging, throat ripping and the most indispensable move of all: The Groin Grab.

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  • Teach your child the positive aspects of aggressive behavior with our Better Bullying program. Principles include:

    Strength in Numbers Identifying Weakness Shifting Blame

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  • A new year needs a new kind of calendar.

    Since Ameri-Do-Te can't be contained in a traditional year this one includes a 13th month!

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      Better Bullying Seminar

      In Ameri-Do-Te we believe it’s not that bullying is bad. You just need to bully the bad kids. Teach your child how to recognize who deserves to be punished. (Please bring mouth guard, helmet and groin protection in case your child becomes a target.)



      Belt Test

      Participants remember to bring valid ID and copy of Last Will and Testament. Spectators must wear rain coats, masks or other plastic splash guard material to avoid ingesting blood, vomit or other bodily discharge.



      Women's Self Defense Seminar

      Free and open to the public. Learn why “Rape Escape” is quickly becoming the most popular free training event in town. (Please bring at least 2 cucumbers for use in Groin Destruction drill.)

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